What are you reading?


One of  my goals when I launched this blog was to provide a place for readers to share what they’re reading.

So let’s have it.  What are you currently reading or what have you recently read that you can recommend for the rest of us (or warn us to avoid like the plague).

Of late I’ve spent most of my time away from work doing the final edits on a book that will be published in the fall.  The very last chore, which proved to be Herculean, was moving 401 parenthetical citations into 401 end notes, a daunting task that took a good many hours.  The manuscript is finally done and in the hands of copy editors, so I have more time for reading. Hallelujah!

I’m currently well into my annual midwinter read, a nice fat tome that I can stay with for a while.  This year it is Bleak House, a Dickens novel that I missed, and I’m loving it.  I started a blog entry with one of its opening lines a few weeks ago – “Fog up the river, fog down the river…” – so I slipped into that fine fog myself and am making an enjoyable trek through its nearly thousand pages.  I also recommend Jeffrey Archer’s Clifton Chronicles, which Karen and I both liked very much.  The seventh, and final, installment was recently published. Each novel is a page-turner, and you’ll likely be hooked from the start.  Read them, of course, in order.

So, come on.  What are you reading?  The temperature will tumble today and the next few days will be perfect for sitting by the fire with a good book.    Make a suggestion or two for folks in need of a fetching read.

By the way, I share this business on facebook, but more people will see your suggestion(s) if you respond on the blog itself, like my follower in Quebec who emails me on occasion.  Now he probably really needs a good book by a roaring fire to survive the winter up there.

Responses, please.

7 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Just finished THE BRAVERMAN TABLET (Joshua Penn Adventure Book 1) by local Hot Springs Village, AR, author, Denny Penticoff. Ready to start book 2, THE QUEST FOR EDEN. Be sure to read Denny’s bio — he has an interesting background! Available on Amazon.

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  2. Recently finished The Yard by Alex Grecian, an enjoyable story of a rookie detective who is handpicked for Scotland Yard’s murder squad shortly after the Ripper killings end. I’m on the second book now,The Black Country. Good series!

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  3. Oh, and for my book club this month, we read THE BOYS IN THE BOAT, by Daniel James Brown, about the 1936 Olympic Rowing team. PBS has a documentary about this entitled “Boys of ’36”.
    So much to read, so little time!

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  4. This Fall I read a series called “The Secret of the Rose” by Michael Phillips. 4 books about Germany/Russia and the Great Wars. The last one is about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. They are Christian Historical Fiction. I just don’t know how the people of Europe made it through those wars. I also don’t know how families in our country during that time made it from the great losses our country endured in helping save our alias. It really made me ponder and count my blessings.


  5. I am currently reading Immacule’e Ilibagiza’s book “Left T Tell”. It is both riveting and heartbreaking. She will be coming to our Womens Lecture Luncheon Series in February and was most anxious to read her book before hearing her speak.


  6. I just recently finished “the book that matters most” by Ann Hood that I found on the “New Books” shelves at the local library. The story is about how Ava and her daughter Maggie find the strength to rebuild their lives through books. I really enjoyed how the author used a book club to entice the reader to consider revisiting some classic literature. Ava joins a book club where the theme for the year is “the book that matters most.” Each month, the club reads a different member’s most significant book. The story line references the book of the month as it unfolds in each chapter. Really well done, and a cool surprise twist that was well disquised until you got to the reveal.


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