When I logged in my three score and ten years, the Biblical approximation of a full lifespan, I figured if I ever intend to resurrect the webpage that I once maintained somewhat regularly I’d better do it.

So here it is, whatever it is.

I hope it will be what I envisioned all those years ago: a celebration of words, reading, storytelling, and the importance of literacy, for I truly believe that reading and writing are as essential for a fully lived existence as air and water are for life itself. I also believe just as strongly in the power of stories, and am in complete agreement with the American author Flannery O’Connor, who I quoted so often in my writing classes my students took to calling her Saint Flannery. Miss O’Connor said “In the long run a people is known not by it’s statements or its statistics, but by the stories it tells.”

So there, in a nutshell, is pretty much my doctrine, my politics and my agenda.

There’s a menu bar at the top of each page that will transport you to several other pages.

The one titled Posts consists of various scribblings I did as a weekly newspaper columnist, some diatribes I wrote as a frequent guest on the Op/Ed page of the Houston Chronicle, and some magazine articles. There’s a short bit from each post listed and a magic button beneath it which will take you to the entire article. Those three or four of you who used to visit that previous webpage occasionally will see things that were posted there, but I promise to add new ones soon. There’s also a place where you can comment, take me to task, correct me, or even agree with me.

My main stock in trade since I retired from teaching is writing books, promoting literacy and helping people tell their stories. The titles of my books are listed on the About Me page and though I do fewer workshops than I once did, when I do some more I’ll put the information here. The page titled Writing Consultation has details about my being of assistance to people planning and writing books or stories, fiction or nonfiction (memoirs pretty often) and Writing Tips has some hopefully helpful hints and resources for wordsmiths and tellers of tales.

The What I’m Reading page is something I should have started doing long ago. Not that I expect you to read what I suggest, but just to let you know what I’m up to. Readers should stick together, don’t you think? I’d like to know what you’re reading as well.

Be aware that this is a work in progress, sometimes a slow progression when I have a writing deadline to meet. I’ll be updating the What I’m Reading list soon.

Welcome aboard! Now, close your phone or turn off your computer and go find a comfy place and read a book or a story or write something yourself.

Saint Flannery will be pleased if you do.