An special day for bibliophiles


In case you didn’t know it, today is National Read a Book Day.

So my very brief advice today is to … no surprise here … read a book! Of course, if you follow this blog you’ve probably got one or two already going.

If you’re an author you might try to find a particular book that will help you grow as a writer.  Think of a movie that was based on a novel with an interesting storyline and characters set in an inviting setting.  Now comes a two step process: 1) imagine how you would have written the novel that conveyed that story and 2)read the book and see how the actual author did it.  What point of view did he or she use? Was it in present tense or past? How was that beautiful scenery on the screen first captured in only the author’s words.

Personally, I have to find a copy of The Light between Oceans.  Karen and I saw that  film yesterday, and its story has latched on and won’t let me go.  So I have to read the book and see how it was written.

Now, get busy.  And happy National Read a Book Day.






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