Working short


Hemingway, according to legend, was challenged to
write a novel in only six words and came up with “For sale:
baby shoes, never worn.”

Can you do it? These folks tried (I might have gotten these from Writer’s Digest)….

Zak Nelson: I still make coffee for two.

Alex Lindquist: It was embarrassing, so don’t ask.

Will Blythe: Took scenic route, got in late.

Bob Redman: Being a monk stunk. Better gay.

Tami Maus: Little bit Lucy, tempered by Ethel.

Dickie Widjaja: I think, therefore I am bald.

John Falk: Dad wore leather pants in Reno.

John Bettencourt: One tooth, one cavity, life’s cruel.

Andie Grace: Wasn’t born a redhead; fixed that.

Sjorn Stromberg: Found true love, married someone else.

Drew Peck: Ex-wife and contractor now have house.

Go ahead.  Write one.  Then share. (That’s my six word novel)

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